All the students to be promoted into 3rd and 5th Semester are hereby asked to complete the admission procedure by 10/09/2020.

Online Admission Procedure:

  1. Visit www.klc.ac.in
  2. Go for 3rd and 5th Semester Admission Form Fill up and register accordingly.
  3. Uploading of required documents is necessary as you would be entering your details for the first time in the College Portal.
  4. After that pay the prospectus fee of Rs 120/- (Rupees One Hundred Twenty Only) for the successful completion of form fill up.
  5. You will have to wait for the approval of your form by the college authority, only after that you will be able to take admission.
  6. The admission fee is Rs. 21995/- (Rupees Twenty One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Five Only). The KLCSU fee is not being included thereby for the purpose of conducting any cultural program/other events, a separate collection may be done as and when required.

For any further query kindly contact office of KLC/Sri Kwrwmdao Wary, Asst. Prof., KLC.

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