Kokrajhar Law College Student’s Union (KLCSU):

The students union of the college is formed as per the Lyngdoh Committee for smooth functioning of extra curriculum activities of the college like Freshmen Social, Farewell, other festivals, etc. Generally the body is formed with due procedure among the 3rd year students being the senior most of the college. However, for the associated post is also held by the students of other semesters.


  • Freshmen Social: Every year Freshmen social day is organized by the KLCSU to welcome the new students.
  • Sports Day: Annual Sports Meet is being organized every year.
  • Farewell: The newly formed body gives farewell party to the outgoing batch of college.
  • Teacher’s Day: Every year teacher’s day is celebrated to pay a respect to the teachers and office staff of the college.
  • Foundation Day: Foundation day is celebrated every year on 14th of November.
  • Saraswati Puja: The KLCSU also performs saraswati puja every year as a remarkable festival for the student’s community.
  • Pre – Bihu: As a spring harvesting festival and Assamese New Year KLCSU organizes a pre-bihu function by following traditional customs.
  • Other events as and when required.
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